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Mkhail Raheb is  an Abstract artist born in Syria, raised in a town close to Palmyra, the ancient city on the Silk Road.  This part of his life is very important for all his inspirations for his paintings. The special colors he uses resemble the desert colors, which enables the audience to experience that in all of his paintings. In every painting, you are able to find a different story. In most of his artwork, the woman is the center of all of his paintings presenting beauty, warmth, and charm.

	Mkhail began sketching at the age of 5 and painting at age 13 with oils and acrylics. For years, this was for pure personal enjoyment, however, his work slowly began to gain critical recognition, especially when he had his first art show in Syria. He was, and is still known for being a true master with the techniques of brush strokes and colors in all of his paintings. In 1999, Mkhail immigrated to Canada, starting a new life and bringing his talent overseas.
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